Curs Developing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Curs 10264 Developing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010


Module 1: Overview of Web Application Design
  • Overview of IIS 7.0
  • Overview of ASP.NET 4.0
  • Introduction to the MVC Framework
  • Overview of the Request Life Cycle
Module 2: Designing a Web Application
  • Web Applications: Case Studies
  • Web Application Design Essentials
  • Guidelines for Determining When to Use Web Forms and MVC
  • Visual Studio 2010 Tools and Technologies for Web Application Design
Module 3: Developing MVC Models
  • Exploring Ways to Create MVC Models
  • Creating a Data Repository
Module 4: Developing MVC Controllers
  • Implementing MVC Controllers
  • Creating Action Methods
Module 5: Developing MVC Views
  • Implementing MVC Views
  • Implementing Strongly-Typed MVC Views
  • Implementing Partial MVC Views
Module 6: Designing for Discoverability
  • Overview of Search Engine Optimization
  • Creating the Robots and Sitemap Files
  • Using ASP.NET Routing
Module 7: Writing Server-Side Code for Web Forms
  • Overview of the Structure of a Web Application
  • Controlling ViewState
  • Localizing a Web Application
  • Persisting Data on a Web Forms Page
  • Validating User Input
Module 8: Optimizing Data Management for Web Forms
  • Managing Data by Using LINQ to Entities
  • Using Data Source Controls
  • Using ASP.NET Dynamic Data
Module 9: Ensuring Quality by Debugging, Unit Testing, and Refactoring
  • Debugging and Refactoring Code
  • Unit Testing Code
  • Processing Unhandled Exceptions
  • Test Driven Development
Module 10: Securing a Web Application
  • Configuring Authentication
  • Configuring ASP.NET Membership
  • Managing Authorization by Using ASP.NET Roles
Module 11: Applying Master Pages and CSS
  • Applying Master Pages
  • Applying CSS, Skins, and Themes
Module 12: Developing Client Side Scripts and Services
  • Developing Client-Side Scripts
  • Implementing AJAX
  • Creating Services
Module 13: Implementing Advanced AJAX in a Web Application
  • Implementing Ajax in ASP.NET MVC Pages Using Microsoft Ajax
  • Implementing Ajax in ASP.NET MVC Pages Using jQuery
  • Working With jQuery and Ajax Events
Module 14: Deploying a Web Application
  • Overview of Web Application Deployments
  • Overview of Web Site Deployments
  • Deploying AdventureWorks
Module 15: Developing a Web Application by Using Silverlight
  • Introduction to Rich Internet Applications
  • Overview of Silverlight
  • Creating a Silverlight Application


Locatia de desfasurare a cursului:

Sediul Learning Solution: Str. Transilvaniei nr. 24, Sector 1, Bucuresti
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Florin Florea

Durata Curs
5 zile: 9:00 – 17:00

Cunostinte prealabile

An understanding of the problem-solving techniques that apply to software development, including the following principles of software development:
modern software development model
typical phases of a software development lifecycle
concepts of event-driven programming
concepts of object-oriented programming
creating use-case diagrams
designing and building a user interface
developing a structured application
A basic understanding of the following scripting techniques and some hands-on experience writing scripts:
Web scripting techniques
Macro scripting techniques
Windows scripting techniques
A general understanding of the purpose, function, and features of following .NET Framework topics:
Common Language Runtime
.NET Framework class library
Common Type System
Component interoperation
Cross-Language Interoperability
Assemblies in the Common Language Runtime
Application Domains
Runtime hosts supported by the .NET Framework

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