Curs Excel 2013 PowerPivot – PowerBI

Curs 55142 Microsoft Excel 2013 PowerPivot – PowerBI


Module 1: Introduction to PowerPivot 2013

This module explains how to enable PowerPivot in Excel 2013. It also reviews the PowerPivot workspace and gives a brief explanation of the various actions available in the workspace.

Module 2: Building Data Models

This module begins with defining a data model and how it is used to create PivotTables and PivotCharts. The Manage Data Model window is discussed in detail in this module. In addition, the various methods for adding data to the model are covered.

  • Create a data model.
  • Import data from multiple data sources.
  • Use the manage data model tab to maintain the data model.
  • Refresh data used in PivotTables and PivotCharts.

Module 3: Create a PivotTable and PivotChart

This module covers the difference between tables and charts and the various options that are available. In addition, this module will walk the user through creating a basic PivotTable and PivotChart. PivotTable Tools and PivotChart Tools contextual tabs are covered in this module. These tabs allow further customization to the basic PivotChart and PivotTable.

  • Create a basic PivotTable
  • Insert a PivotTable
  • Add field to values drop zone
  • Add field to columns drop zone
  • Add fields to rows drop zone
  • Add fields to axis drop zone
  • Change the name of the PivotChart
  • Explore the Show group and its effects on your PivotTable
  • Apply Chart Layouts
  • Apply Chart Styles
  • Apply Chart Type
  • Apply Shape Fill format
  • Apply Shape Effects format
  • Apply WordArt Style format

Module 4: Use DAX in PowerPivot

This module introduces DAX – Data Analysis eXpressions language and its use in creating complex calculations to be used in PivotTables or PivotCharts. DAX operators and formulas are discussed. Calculated columns and calculated fields are defined and used in this module.

  • Create a calculated column
  • Enter formula
  • Rename the column from the default name
  • Review the effect of the column on the PivotTable
  • Create a calculated column
  • Use Related expression to link data from another table
  • Rename the column from the default name
  • Add calculated field using AutoSum
  • Add calculated field by entering formula

Module 5: Enhance PivotTables and PivotCharts

This module covers using KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), slicers and hierarchies to further enhance your PivotCharts and PivotTables. In addition the slicer tools options contextual tab is covered. This tab allows customization to the display of the slicers.

  • Create a new slicer
  • Move the slicer
  • Use the slicer to update the PivotTable
  • Review the interaction of two slicers on the PivotTable
  • Create a new hierarchy using two different methods
  • Add the hierarchies to the PivotTable
  • Review the effect of the hierarchies on the PivotTable


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Sediul Learning Solution: Str. Transilvaniei nr. 24, Sector 1, Bucuresti

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Master Office 2013 Cristi

Master Office 2013 Cristi

Durata Curs
2 zile: 9:00 – 17:00

Cunostinte prealabile

Familiarity with Microsoft Office applications – particularly Excel

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